Saturday, January 22, 2011

Soft baits the "new flies"

What you are looking at are "new flies". I have been using these "flies" with my fly rod, to catch bass. I consider these to be no different than using the salt water "gummy minnows" for fishing. For years spin and bait fishers have had access to these baits. A great deal of research and development has been done to perfect & offer the public a reliable alternative to live bait. A friend in Texas posted pictures of his experiments with a weedless rigs for bass. Last season I began to experiment with soft baits also. I had great success with these rigs while fishing for Large Mouth Bass. Some of my biggest bass were caught when I fished soft baits in the ponds and lakes of New York City.

Last year I began to glue these mini tube baits to # 6 and #2 bait hooks. Unfortunately, the glue did not hold the baits in place long while I fished. This season I'm using small jig heads to keep the soft baits in place while I fish. I have also experimented with a glue gun in an effort to find a light weight method of fixing the soft bait to a hook.


  1. Hey guy, I agree. I've been using the best glue on Fishing planet for years called Pro Soft bait glue. Glues to youtr hooks and you can mend your baits too and save money... best part is stays flexible and won't dry up for months.