Saturday, December 17, 2011

The end of the line?

I got a new March Brown Fly Rod, the Diplomat
series. An 8 piece, 5 weight, 10' graphite travel
fly rod. I love these rods because they transport well
are flawlessly made and come with an excellent


I had tried to fish this rod on my last visit but
due to the length of the rod I was unable to
use it efficiently in the allotted space.

We are almost half way through the month of
December but warm weather is still holding.
Temperatures have remained in the 50F.
range. I put my fishing area where I fish
in the summer, near the Bethesda Fountain.
I have put ground bait out for 3 days now
and I expect carp to be actively feeding
even though there are no traditional signs that
carp are present.

In warmer weather the fish begin to feed in
less than an hour. This is a prime spot for carp
that feed on the surface. This afternoon I leave
nothing to chance, I add oatmeal & cream
style corn to the area as ground bait. Due to the
water being cooler, I allow more than hour wait time
before I begin to fish.

I'm using the new Wulff Ambush Taper fly line.
It is designed for single hand fly rod spey casting
technique; so there is no need to backcast.

With a flick of the rod the fly line shoots out
about 30 feet. I let the hook sink to the bottom.
No fish are coming up to the surface but in a few
minutes the line begins to straighten and pull
away. It is a carp. He is using strong head
shakes to try & dislodge the hook. The new
rod is giving and protecting my 4X tippet.

A crowd has started to gather behind me
Some of the question I'm being asked are
simply silly. " Are you fishing? " " Why
does it take so long for you to bring it in?"
I try to remain polite while the carp
continues to run & I try to not lose the
fish. I decide to pull the carp onto the
steps. My plan is to lead the carp to the
steps and take my picture without taking
the fish from the water. The head shakes
continue but the rod does it's job of protecting
my tippet. The questions continue and I
counter by turning to the crowd and offering
to let one of the bystanders relieve me; so that
a bystander can show me"how it's done".

The carp is slowing and tiring. I get him on the step
take several pictures, remove the hook and
we both part on friendly terms! My total for
December 2011, 5 carp; a first for the month
of December.

Where are my skis??

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