Friday, January 4, 2013

Recycling: 8 is enough

Bowne pond in Queens is one of eight lakes and ponds located in Queens.  Queens is east of Brooklyn
and is part of Long Island.

A typical carp taken from Bowne Park.  There are panfish here and a few koi

Meadow Lake in Queens.  The largest lake in New York City - 100 acres of brackish water
There are carp, white perch and snakeheads in this lake.  It is located on the site of the 1964
Worlds Fair.

Oakland Lake has panfish, pickeral and carp.

A mature Bluegill on a March Brown 2 weight fly rod and the ATP 37 graphite fly reel.

 Baisley pond has small mouth bass

Kissena Lake home to big carp.

A immature crappie.

Springfield Lake is another brackish water lake.  I caught my first white perch here.

 White Perch

Conselyeas pond is in Brookville Park.  This pond is Brackish.

 Golden Pond

Crappie, Bass and Carp


  1. Wow Bill, there is a great deal of water there, and you have the other borroughs as well. I'm impressed by this. What are the regs. like? Do they allow for large sunfish to grow? Is bowfishing for carp allowed, I'll bet not?


  2. All fish in NYC parks are catch & release. Sunfish can get big. I estimate that the big BGs need about 8 + years of growth to reach ten inches in size. No bow fishing in the city of New York. Later I plan to feature the 10 NYC lakes & ponds of Staten Island. I never realized how much fishing there is in NYC until I started to visit the parks here. My blog does not cover lakes in private areas of the city.

  3. Hello again Bill.

    Thanks for the info. A fly shop proprietor, a friend of mine, told me that a biologist told him a large bluegill is as old as it's inches long. We have draconian sunfish limits here, especially for bluegill which I value greatly. Anyway, you have lots of water. A goal of mine is to explore more this year.


  4. The pond in Central Park has a number big and mature BGs. There are 5 lakes and ponds in that park which is located in the middle of Manhattan.