Monday, June 5, 2017

Goose Pond ( A kettle pond)

Goose Pond is another kettle pond located in Queens.  It is small but it holds fish.
The largest kettle pond in New York City is located on Staten Island but Queens has the most kettle
pond in New York City.

Until this visit I had not meet anyone who had fished this pond;that is until I met

Shawn greeted me by claiming he could catch fish and if given the chance
he could cast my fly rod.  I have heard this boast from many boys as I fish in different
places. I refused to take his bet about casting a fly rod.  However, He caught more 
fish than I.  A total of four fish, 2 small catfish, 1 goldfish and maybe a small koi!
He used pieces of monofilament he found, corn kernels and a number #10 hook .

Last year I "discovered "this pond by doing a Google Map search of Queens. when I
arrived, last year, I chummed for the carp that are here.  I only caught a glimpse of a koi
break the surface but it showed that there were fish to be caught here.

Another indication that fish are present is this Egret pacing the shore line for a bluegill
or two.

I fished the pond with a variety of flies but never got a bite.  This place is 15,000
years old and I got nary a nibble.

Nestled in the Jamaica Hills is another kettle pond, Goose Pond, located inside Captain Tilly Park. The park’s namesake was George Tilly, son of a local landowning family who fought in the American conquest of Philippines in 1899, where he was killed in combat. The spring-fed pond nearly dried by in the 1990s, and the city then dug deeper and restored the pond, which features a bird sanctuary isle. This is likely the tiniest isle in the smallest public pond in the city.

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