Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Power fishing

I decided to use the cane fly rod today; even though
it is missing a guide. I used an 8 wt bass taper fly line.
I arrived at the lake at about 4:00pm. My experience
fishing at this time of the year has shown that
carp will begin to feed after 5:00pm. During the
feed the carp will feed from the surface as well
as feeding on the bottom of the lake.

The carp will eat freely for the better part of
an hour and then stop. By that time the day
light has disappeared and the temperature
may be below 50F.

You must be prepared to make a number of
adjustments quickly to capitalize on this limited
window of opportunity. Do you fish on the surface?
Do you change flies, sizes, colors? With daylight
vanishing you may be able to switch 2 or 3 times

I caught this fish on a deer hair "bread fly".

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