Sunday, January 1, 2012

The end

I spent the last two days fishing for carp in
Prospect Park Lake. I targeted the area nearest
to the first island.

While the weather has been rather warm, the
water is "beer cooler"cold! Fish are dormant.

I chummed the area for several days with
can corn, bread, pack baits & wild bird seed.
At this time of the year the water is clearer than
during the summer months; so I can see if
my chum is being consumed.

I set up each evening at 3 o'clock ( carp seem to
become active as the sun sets). I fished with
a sink tip and a length of tippet. My plan was to
use a deer hair fly like a traditional carp "pop up".
This allows the deer hair fly to float off the bottom
of the lake. Once before I had experimented
with this type of rig and been able to watch a carp
take my fly as it appeared to float off the bottom.

After about two hours; I left the park at dusk
Still looking for my first carp in Brooklyn.
No takes on December 31st and no takes on January
1st, 2012.

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  1. Bill,

    Not sure if my last attempt to comment worked. Your site is very interesting to me, as I'm a geography nut and enjoy reading of places everywhere. There is no way I've looked at all you have to offer or really where to start. We do have several things in common. You chum, is it totally fly fishing?, it seems to be. You mention bubbles, I fish over them all the time. You enjoy cane and glass, cool. I too believe in fitness, being so saved my life at least once. Fascinating stuff presented!

    Best, Gregg