Friday, January 27, 2012

The Somerset, New Jersey, Fly Fishing Show

Today the first true sign that spring is coming,
The Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, New Jersey
opened. In an effort to make it easier to pay
the admission fee, a new computer registration
was implemented so that one could be eligible
for the many raffles for prizes and other marketing
data collection, computers were set up to record
what had previously been written on post cards.
All this did was to create a huge bottle neck at the
entrance to the event!

Once inside I found there were too many
destination fishing booths and not enough new
equipment booths. Only March Brown Fly Rods
offered any show stopping rods and discounts!

I had pre scouted the seminars so I knew
there would more of what I didn't want & much
less of what I did want to hear and see.
The exception was the seminar that Aaron
Jaspers held. It was packed, as usual, because
his talks provide new solutions to how to catch
more fish!

Here an instructor is showing how to cast a Spey rod

Here I am with one of the March Brown Fly Rod
representatives. I own a number of these travel
fly rods. These rods are well suited for the type of
fly fishing I do. The rods are multi piece which permits
me to carry one or more rods at a time on a plane,
bus or train discreetly.

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