Friday, February 17, 2012

My new fly rod

I recently purchased a fly rod blank. A rod blank
is the skeleton of the rod. At that point the rod
is nothing but a tube. My blank is a 11 foot,
four piece, 2 weight (2 pound) .

The blank was put together by a friend in Texas.
You don't really save money by buying a rod in
parts like this but you can customize the rod.

I just thought that a 2 wt rod at this length would
be unusual and allow me to do different things.

The rod feels light in the hand and has a flex
like a rod made from cane. There is nothing
wrong with this but you can not force or muscle
the cast. You must be patient and allow the rod
to do what is designed to do.

I did about 30 minutes of casting with this rod
using "sharkskin" fly line.

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