Sunday, July 8, 2012

Queens fishing

                                   Several of us fished a few lakes in Queens during June.
                                   Fishing was slow.  I saw these flowers in Baisley Pond Park

                                 I don't know the names but they are beautiful, none the less.

                              When you fish for carp, Mulberries are always a welcome sign.
                               Carp & People love the taste of ripe, sweet mulberries.

                               Brookville Park is located under one of the flight paths for planes
                              landing at JFK airport.  So every ten minutes or so you are buzzed
                             by another plane about to land!

                           Conselyeas Pond in Brookville Park is tidal.  It holds some carp
                          and occasional striper.

                   Baisley pond has both largemouth & smallmouth bass as well as other

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