Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Golden Shiner on a fly

I finally caught a fish while out fishing in Prospect Park Lake.  Every spring Golden Shiners appear
while the water is still cold. Crappie can also be enticed to take a fly; a small fly.

I also caught some small Bluegill on my newest acquisition the Temple Fork BVK.

Still haven't received the new JMC Ozone semi automatic fly reel.  Maybe by the end of April
is the latest prediction.

Fishing from the boat deck I hooked a very large Crappie on a # 14 nymph.  I thought
it was bluegill until I saw  the fish turning about a meter from the surface.  I was fishing with a
6X tippet.  Just as I pulled it above the surface it fell off my hook. 

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