Saturday, April 26, 2014

Orvis Full Flex Fly rod

Carp season is on.  I chose to fish with a favorite fly rod today, The Orvis full flex fiberglass
It is a 2 piece, 8 foot 8 weight fly rod made from fiberglass. Orvis made these fly rods in the
 in the late nineteen sixties.  They were  well made and still work today.

Normally I fish four piece fly rods or the multi piece travel fly rods when I use public transportation.
But since I'm fishing locally, in Brooklyn , I  can take my two piece rod.  Here I matched it with a Wulff
Ambush triangle taper (6 wt fly line).  I like glass rods because they allow for underlining
or over lining.  This is a sweet rod to use.  It has the power of an 8 weight and the subtleness
of  a 4 weight.  If only it wasn't a 2 piece fly rod.

Many of the common carp and Koi like to gather up in this part of Prospect Park Lake.
It stays warm, there is natural food and spawning occurs here. 

I was able to spot about a dozen Koi here.  This is where I plan to catch a carp in 2014.

Yes it is springtime

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