Friday, February 6, 2015

The old gang is skiing again

This past weekend my great grand niece and nephews and I went cross country skiing at Lapland
Lake, in upstate New York.  I took up the sport as a way of staying in shape during the winter for

 Lapland Lake is where I did my first 50 kilometer ski race in 1982.  What an experience!  It snowed from sunrise until dusk.  Only sixteen of us finished this marathon, during a blizzard, that year. 

This was our first time for this season.  I only like to start cross country skiing when there is a minimum of 60 cm of snow on the ground.  We skied a few beginner trails and once around Woods Lake.  Woods lake is a wild lake with a depth of 21 meters.  I fished  there once and was amazed at how clear a lake like this can be.  Fish can be seen holding at 5 meters below.  The lake has lake trout, bass and panfish.


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