Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fly Fishing in Prospect Park

The new season has started.  The lake is finally free of ice and for the first time in months we have had
several days of weather with air temperatures above 50F.  This picture is of the area where carp
and Koi will spawn in a week or so.

I took out an old Fenwick 6 weight to start fishing this afternoon.  I matched it with my JMC
Ozone semi automatic fly reel.

The water temperature was a surprising 50 F  which is a good sign for feeding carp.
I fished for an hour and never saw a carp.

But this is spring and crappie, bluegills and golden shiners are active.  The first fly I tied on my line was a black hares ear.  I didn't get anything.  I switched to a soft hackle fly and started to catch crappie and bluegills.

Even bass were active more than 15 bass of various size were caught this afternoon by the
guys fishing with bait casters.

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