Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mamaroneck River fishing

Armed with my trusty 7 wt fiberglass fly rod,  I went searching for carp in Westchester County.
This time I headed to an old reservoir.  A few years ago I had caught carp in the Mamaroneck River.

It turned out to be another adventure in heavily over grown woods to find fish  that are being under utilized.  In my youth, I was a Boy Scout and I am comfortable in the wild as long as it's not too wild.
Please no predators!

A thirty minute walk from the train station and I was at another section of the Mamaroneck River.
The area is thick with bushes and trees.   Finding access to the river bank was not clear cut.
 After a decade, I'm still amazed to be able to find new places to fish that are not over utilized in the
Greater New York area.

I saw carp swimming and holding in the stained water ( If you see four there has to be more).
This is a fishery that should be fished in the spring when there is less foliage and less thorns,

 A look at a quiet deep pool of the Mamaroneck.

A lower section of the river where I found carp clooping.  And there were indications that Bass
had spawned here as well as bluegills.

The Mamaroneck River is a freshwater stream located in Southern Westchester CountyNew York.[2] The river forms in White Plains and Harrison and flows 7.3 miles (11.7 km) south through Mamaroneck Townand Village, where it empties into Mamaroneck Harbor and Long Island Sound.


  1. Just saw these in the Mamaroneck River today at Columbus Park. Your blog helped me confirm my suspicion that they were carp. Thank you. I also saw a smaller but wider fish "flashing" among the carp. Could have been a bass?