Monday, December 7, 2015

Crappie fly fishing

It rained all day but the air temperature stayed above 55F.  I used an old Fenwick 6 wt, fiberglass
and the JMC Ozone semi automatic fly reel.  Outside it wasn't that bad.  The rain was neither
steady nor heavy but enough to make you wet if you didn't wear some Gore Tex.

The last time I fished this rod I had it set up for fall fishing.  In the fall I like to fish two flies.
each fly is about eighteen inches apart on a fluorocarbon tippet.  I have found this to be a good way
to catch panfish.  My buddy Dennis ties these little silver things.  I think it is a size #14.

Here is an epoxy fly I picked up on e Bay.  I fish it when I think minnows are the food of choice.
Crappie have been active lately and they like minnows.

This a photo I took from the boat deck in front of the boat house while it rained.

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