Thursday, December 13, 2018

Panfishing Pandemonium

I fished from the boat deck in front of the boat house this time.  I started with a new
soft bait.

That worked well until the bait was torn from the hook.  After that it was back to nymph patterns.

This was a # 14 Marabou Nymph

Red Bead Head # 14 leech

Red Bead Head # 14 leech

Black stalking bug #14

In the upper right hand corner of the above picture is the soft bait I fished.  Since that time I have glued  several of these one inch blood worms on hooks.  I hope that the glue will help keep these blood worms on the hook  longer than the first time.  Soft baits work well when they are fished with a fly rod.  My real problem is trying to pick the right hook and size for the soft bait.  I think the size is important for hook penetration.  I've lost a number of large and smallmouth bass because the hook I chose did not go into the bony part of the bass's mouth.

I've noticed that there are a number of fly fishers experimenting with soft baits.  Check out some of the YOUTUBE videos on making flies with soft baits; like San Juan worms made with rubber worms.  I plan to make a few "Texas rigs" for next season to fish for bass and crappies.

Anyone going to the Fly Fishing show in Edison, New Jersey, next month?

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