Sunday, October 20, 2019

Fred and Bill's excellent adventures

Fred Thorner fishing for carp in Golden Pond.  We met by coincidence.  I was there to try and
catch carp with elk hair caddis. Golden Pond is one of the kettle ponds of NYC.

The weather was great the water was relatively clear and the turtles behaved themselves
I  missed a few hook sets.

Later we went to several more carp ponds in the area.

My seven weight rod with the Franco Vivarelli Goldstar semi automatic fly reel.

Fred's carp at a small pond in Hempstead, New York

He used a fly tied. with Mc fly material.  The fly is slow sinking!

Another small carp pond in Roslyn, New York

All I was able to catch in Golden Pond; on an egg pattern soaked in floatant. 

Looking south at Golden Pond.

Looking north at Golden Pond.


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