Saturday, October 26, 2019

No name 7' 6", 3 piece, 3/4 wt fiberglass fly rod

In a recent post, I mention that I had purchased an inexpensive fiberglass fly rod on eBay,
a few years ago.  The total cost for the rod was less than twenty dollars.

Well, I was able to locate it.  I fished with it in Prospect Park at the lake.
I matched it with the Spanish made Ghost, semi automatic fly reel and a five weight line.

The beauty of glass fly rods is their ability to work well while being "overlined and underlined".

Bloodworm flies

My three piece, 7'6" 3/4 weight No Name fiberglass fly rod.

Close up view of Ghost semi automatic fly reel.  It is very much like a Vivarelli semi automatic
fly reel, except for the drag system.

The rod handled the five weight line with ease.  Too bad I couldn't locate more fish!

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