Friday, November 1, 2019

First carp of the afternoon

Unlike the month of September, carp have begun to be finicky.  Their behavior
has changed.  They do not eagerly feed on dried dog food.  Even corn doesn't work.

After five hours of fishing, I caught only two fish.  The one pictured above was taken on a dry fly
and rather than netting; I pulled it onto the boat ramp and took the picture

A friend netted my first carp.  This one was taken less than twenty feet from shore.  It slammed my fly but my fly line had tangled into a knot.  So in the middle of the first big run across the lake; I had to keep the fish hooked and take apart the knot that was stuck in my guide!  I got lucky and managed
to control the carp until my fingers pulled the knot apart.


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