Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More carp

Took to the river this afternoon, the Passaic River. It took awhile to figure out what fly to use. I tried different colors first, red, brown and then I saw a carp go for something white. I tied on a white mullet fly. I hooked into a carp that heading east across the river and then made a sweeping right turn as it headed down river. This caught me unprepared. When I looked at my line, I saw that half of my backing was in the river! I started to run along the river bank to prevent the fish from cleaning my clock. I managed to slow the fish and get my backing back on the reel. Eventually, I got the fish to shore.

After I released the fish, I crawled back to my hooch on the river bank and rested for a long time. Sitting in my shaded spot I noticed the flowers and the bumble bees pollinating. Sometimes you catch a fish and it is so satisfying that you no longer need to catch another fish. This was that type of fish.

Passaic River

My carp flies ( any questions?)

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