Tuesday, June 7, 2011

8 carp today

Fished in Passaic County for carp. In spite of
the windy conditions and brown water, I had
quite a day. I got to the water about noon.
Carp were tailing and feeding on the bottom.
I threw a handful of carp pellets close to shore
and then set up my fly rod.

A local sage yelled to me from across the lake
that fish were feeding on the bottom; so I knew
what to do. I lost my first fish, which is unusual.
I looked at what was left of my line and determined
that I had purchased an inferior tippet. In an effort
to save a few dollars I bought an unknown tippet
from a vendor on e-bay. As they say: "cheap is cheap".

I replaced the weaker tippet with an Orvis
fluorocarbon tippet. A little while later I landed
my first carp of the afternoon. Carp continued
to feed in my area and I continued to fish.
I landed another fish. Lost the third fish, this
time due to the fish being able to out maneuver
me as I tried to lift him from the water and place
him on the bank of the lake.

I hooked my 3rd and 4th carp & a friend
netted them for me which helped save time.

By the time I was ready to leave I had hooked
a total of 8 carp and landed all but 3. A really
good day of carp fishing for me.

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