Thursday, June 30, 2011

Passaic River

It was my intention today to fish for pike. But
when I arrived at the Passaic river, I found
I had miscalculated the tide. I was an hour too

All was not lost, nearby carp were feeding,
on the surface. I set up my rod. Tied on a fly
and began to fish for carp. My first fly choice didn't
attract any attention.

My second fly choice is my favorite for low tide situations,
a white woolie bugger. After a few warm up casts
I hooked a carp. River carp behave differently.
On the Passaic, I have never seen carp eating chum.
But they will take a number of different dry & wet
flies, even terrestrials. Carp living in ponds &
lakes readily eat chum, as much as they can get!

Hooked five, landed one.

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