Friday, August 5, 2011

And then it started to rain

I had not fished in New Jersey in more than a
week. I started to fish at the shallow end of the
lake where it is easier to see the fish feeding.

Shortly after I arrived, clouds started to roll
into the area. The chum I had placed on the
water was causing carp to cloop( feed on the surface)
I have found that the carp here like smaller
deer hair flies rather than larger ones like size 10.

As the feeding frenzy of the carp increased, the koi,
"Passaic Red" made an appearance. She would
not take more than a pellet at a time. while
the common carp would gulp as many pellets
as they could without having to breath air.
Red would surface, eat and dive deep, only
to surface 20 or 30 feet away and repeat the

It had started to rain but it was not a soaking
rain. It was fun at first and then the sky opened
the rain became a down pour.

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