Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Gentleman of Verona

Bubble bees, I saw on the way to the lake.
I missed my bus connection and ended up having
to walk about three miles, all up hill!

Verona Lake in New Jersey is another one of
the trout stocked lakes popular in New Jersey
towns and cities.

Looking west from the lower lake, this is the shallow
end of the fishery. The day I was there things
were slow.

another view of the lower end of Verona lake.

Bubble bees were pollinating in the autumn

Patiently watching & waiting, this egret was
having a hard time fishing in the deeper end
of the lake too.

Eastern pool, north shore of Verona lake.

Aerator helps the lake to support the trout that
are stocked here in the spring.

Note paddle boats on the right. Fortunately,
there were no boaters here when I was fishing.

The lake holds bass, panfish and carp.

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