Friday, August 14, 2015

Carp fishing in small lakes

This is what happens when your fly rod snaps under the assault of an aggressive carp.
The last couple of carp I have hooked have been able to put up tremendous fights.  This one
swam the length  of half the lake.  To keep the distance down I ran along the lake shore and
tried to corral this charging carp.

I became inpatient with trying to land this brute.  He give hard head shakes, runs to the center of
 the lake and a determined effort to teach me a lesson.  In short, he had me confused.

Things were  not going according to my plan.  I tried to "horse" the fish in.  It didn't work.
For the first time ever, my rod snapped at the ferrule.  I stood in disbelief, looking at my now
five foot long fly rod.  This fish was still on but there was no way for me to land him.   So I took
a photo of the fish in the water.

Bags of chum (dry dog food in PVA bags)  If chumming works for you, try using PVA bags.
The bags which dissolve in water, help to keep water fowl away and allow for a controlled
release of of chum.

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