Tuesday, July 26, 2016


It is hot and humid but carp are tailing in the shallow water.  These are the young fish most less than five pounds.

They are fun to catch because they fight so hard in the shallow water.  A fight of five minutes or more is common.  And having a net makes it a little easier to bring them in.

My net man left to eat dinner so I was left to use my Boca grip.  I used my new fifty dollar
fast flex rod from China.  E-bay offers a number of these travel fly rods.  They are not terrible.

This fish took a dry fly after I had chummed him up using dry dog food as chum.
I lost the first two I hooked on dry flies due to the hook pulling loose. So I hooked a total of six
and landed four this evening.

This is my sixth hundredth post to my blog.  Thank you for reading about my adventures!

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