Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Orvis full flex and Outbound Floating fly line

 I've been fishing with newbies and neighbors.  I met a fisher today in Prospect Park. Luigi
was delighted when he caught a large yellow perch.  We were fishing near the boat house.  Catching yellow perch is a rarity but in the spring they, perch, appear and then they are gone for the rest of the season..   

Recently, I purchased a  new fly line from Orvis. It is the Orvis "Outbound floating".
This is another one of those skagit type fly lines. I like it.  The line works perfectly with the old
Orvis "Full Flex" fiberglass, 8wt rod that I acquired years ago. The rod fishes like a cane rod.
If you like "grass" rods you will enjoy this slow flex.

My rod is a 2 piece 8 foot, 8 wt rod which I matched with a  ATP 37 semi automatic fly reel

Hydros Bank Shot Float is designed to be a versatile, quick-shooting fly line to handle a multitude of situations. Great for one-time casts to a bank, delivering large flies, roll casts, and single hand Spey. This line is powerfully built with a short, heavy head to load the rod quickly and reduce the need for false casts. Smooth coated line with AST patented dry-slick technology provides continual line protection and slickness. Dual welded loops for easy, seamless connection to backing and leader. Orvis Line ID for quick and easy identification. Color change at 30'. Light willow front. Orange rear.

Made in USA.


Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Maxcatch skyhigh 5 wt fly rod

My neighbor is learning how to fish. Here he is with a blue gill he caught while using one
of my blood worm patterns (# 18).

He is hooked as well!

I fished my Maxcatch Sky High Toray nano carbon fly rod.  It is a nine-foot, 4-piece, 5 wt.
 The action is fast. The rod is super light; so light that sections of the rod have broken twice. Maxcatch
offers a lifetime warranty with this rod and replaced the sections at no cost to me. The transaction was fast!

           Club size bass ( eight inches) taken on a blood worm fly.


Sunday, May 22, 2022

Allison pond

I finally got a chance to fish this pond while it is algae free. For years, people have told me this pond
had carp but all I found today were koi. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with catching koi.
However, I saw no carp in this small pond; only two koi.

 This park honors George William Allison (1888-1939), an engineer who used his expertise to usher in a new era of public works in Staten Island when President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945) established the Works Progress Administration in the 1930s.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Skagit fishing for carp

Nothing new today. I went to Loab Lake for a minute and fished. The water was off-color. This was my first time being in the park since last year. Fishing in Central Park is good at this time of the year. There is no algae and fish are active. I will try to fish as many places this spring, that have no algae as possible.

I used my 8wt switch rod. It feels better than my 11 foot 6 wt when I cast the 300-gram Skagit line. I caught this carp using one of my "pop up" flies.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Beulah 8wt switch rod and Olympic Peninsula Skagit 300 grams

It's that time of year; when carp begin to spawn. Here a couple of koi begin to take their afternoon
swim. This part of the lake is maybe four feet deep. I do not recommend wading in the lake due to
the lake bottom being made up of decaying vegetation matter . It is not a stable platform for standing. 

These koi  come out in late afternoon every day and follow the same swim patterns in this part of the lake.

There were a total of five koi parading around in the spawn area. I saw no common carp. However,
that does not mean that there were no carp below the koi or swimming nearby.

If you want to catch carp, learn their behavior. Always approach them with caution. These pictures
were taken at a distance with the aid of a telephoto lens. 

 I have been using my skagit line with different rods. I dug out my Beulah switch rod.  It is a 10 foot        6 inch 8 wt, 4 piece canon! My problem is to practice and fish more with this rod to develop the     muscle memory to consistently cast with it. Yes, I do fish for carp with this. Urban fly fishing requires  adaptation.


Sunday, December 19, 2021

Last carp of 2021

I caught another whopper yesterday.  I had never seen my backing before;it is blue.  I changed angles on it as it swam to the other side of the cove. It really made it over there!  The backing was out the rod tip and I wondered if I'd be"spooled".  I kept changing angles and slowly got my backing in the rod tip.  People were wondering what I was doing as they passed.  The  fish began to slow down and I took advantage.  Only my running line was showing now. I concentrated on keeping my hands relaxed so that I could counter any weird head shakes by the carp.   Call this tactic "soft hands".  This fish did everything but jump.  And I was in physical distress.  There was lots of leg movement as I moved back and forth, arm stress, even my back came into play.  The  last time a carp did this to me was 4/23/2013 (see blog -Kissena Lake).  after numerous attempts to net this thing, it began to tire as much as me. Eventually, the head of the carp slipped into my net but 4 inches of tail was still outside the net. I tried to take a good photo but my hands were not steady.  the fish was released and me, slumped down on the tree root I use as a chair.

11 foot, six weight fly rod, using 300 gram skagit line and ATP 37 semi automatic fly reel
For Ray Lewis.