Saturday, August 7, 2010

Men at work

Friday is carp day. Dennis and I met yesterday morning to fish for carp either in New York or New Jersey. We got a late start and didn't arrive at New York City's Central Park until 9:00am.
I had made a visit to the park Thursday evening to put some carp bait in the lake. I hoped this would increase our chances for hooking big carp. But due to the water levels still being low we didn't see any carp. We packed up and grabbed a bus headed to Passaic , New Jersey.

My carp caught at the very end of the day.

Dennis with one of the many carp he caught.

Dennis with another carp on

We fished for more than 10 hours and between use hauled in 2 dozen carp( Dennis was deep into the double digits, do the math, i hooked two and landed one)! We emptied ours guns. We used carp pellets, dog biscuits & white bread; from the shallow end of the pond to the deep end.

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  1. Muy buenos ejemplares, se ve que hay variedad y tamaño. El lugar se ve paradisiaco, el que llega imagino que no le dan deseos de retirase pronto. El lugar se nota apto para el uso de la caña de mosca (fly), que en asuntos de pesca es lo mejor.

    Rafael Baltodano
    Pura Vida