Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Local waters

It is getting colder each day and windy too. I fished near the Boat house in Prospect Park today. Rigged my 2 wt and began casting to the left and working my way towards where fish normally like to hold. I tried a new nymph pattern I picked up at Orvis a few days ago.

I felt a slight tug as I began to fish the area where fish hold in the fall. I missed the fish. I cast again this time there was a thud and the line pulled away from me. I kept the rod tip low while I hand stripped the line in. A small Bg was brought to hand. After a few more cast to the same location I pulled in another but bigger Bg.

A pocket bass also liked the #14 nymph I was offering. At this time of year I like to fish 2 nymphs at the same time a bead head about 18 inches above a non bead head nymph. Often I can land two fish at a time.

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