Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving carp

I discovered that when the temperature is cooler carp are not active during the day light. At this time of year, carp can become active after sun set. For several evenings, I have witnessed carp swimming into the shallows and feeding in the darkness. They feast no more than a few feet from the shoreline. I can only imaging what they are eating but they are feeding. All one needs to do is cast a fly into that area; a carp will take your offering. The problem is that the temperature drops quickly after the sun sets. As a result of years of skiing in sub zero conditions, my hands have become very sensitive to cold. My hands become cold and numb easily. So I don't stay out longer than necessary in cold conditions.

The night before I caught this carp, I had fished from 4:00 PM until about 8:30 Pm and got not one bite. Carp were active, jumping and cavorting in the moon light but apparently not eating. And as I've said many times, "if carp are not feeding, go see a movie." The fish pictured was taken in the early afternoon on a deer hair pellet fly. The air temperature, for the past few days, had been in the upper 50's. so carp were active during daylight. I'm hoping to catch carp into the month of December.

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