Friday, March 11, 2011

New Cane fly rod

A few weeks ago I bought a cane fly rod on e-bay.
I plan to use it for some carp this season. I've been testing
the rod with different lines. I started with a 4 weight line
that was too light. My next test was done with a 6 weight
line; again not right. This evening I tried an
Orvis 8 weight bass taper. The rod really likes this.
I was able to spey cast the line and I got good

I fished with my traditional spring set up, a bead
head nymph tied about 18 inches above a non
bead head nymph.

I hooked a really nice yellow perch two days ago
on this set up and this evening I hooked a blue
gill and a golden shiner. I used a #14 hook.

All the ice that covered the lake and the Lullwater
has melted. Even carp are active, I saw lots of bubbles
on the water surface. I received some ground bait for
carp which I plan to use in Brooklyn and the Bronx.
The ground bait, I hope will encourage carp to eat and
allow me to catch carp in those two counties.


  1. I have to admit. I am really interested in fly-Fishing thanks to your blog. I have been fishing Wequahic Park in Newark for about a year with corn with success, but I always see way many more than I hook. It seems like with a fly you might have more success. Any suggestions for a starter outfit that I may use for pan fish from time to time.

  2. I fished Wequahic last season but the water level was very low. I saw some carp but I was not able to target any fish. The most important thing about fly fishing is casting; so take lessons from a good teacher and then practice, practice, practice. starter outfits are available at places like wal marts for less than one hundred dollars( 9 foot fly rod, 2 piece, 5 / 6 weight).
    the kit will include a simple fly reel and fly line. you will need a leader and or tippet to tie your fly on to the fly line(5X tippet).