Thursday, March 24, 2011

Speak softly but carry a big stick

Since my last carp outing, I've been using one
of my switch fly rods to fish. This is the Buelah
10'6", 4 piece, 7/8 rod. It is loaded with a Rio skaget
fly line. As my timing gets better, I will take it
carp fishing. Maybe then I 'll be able to reach
the carp that are usually beyond my casting

I made a visit to the main part of Prospect
Park lake this afternoon. I was there to put
some boilles in the water for the carp. Temperature
was in the low 40Fs but the sun was out.

Afterwards, I walked to the Lullwater for some
fly fishing with the long rod. I tyed on a rarely used
#14 Bead head wooly bugger. I made a cast near
a downed tree. The water is still cold so I let the
fly slowly sink into the water.

It wasn't long before I felt a slight tugging on
my line. It was a fish. I was surprised because
a wooly bugger that size normally does not hold
a big fish, unless it is a golden shiner. The shiner
has a profile similar to a trout. However, the
mouth of the shiner is as big as a #2 pencil.

Normally any hook larger than a #12 will not
fit into a shiners mouth.

1 comment:

  1. That's a big shiner. No wonder the bass are so big in Prospect. Congrats.