Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back home

Still looking for my first carp. But crappie are
are running wild! This is the time of the season
when crappie more than nine inches long try
to stuff themselves after a long cold winter.
It is not unusual for spin fishers to jig fish 20 or
30 fish in an afternoon.

Weeso, better known as Mr. Crappie shows off
another big fat crappie from Prospect Park Lake.
This is a great time to fish in the City of New York.
Bass under 3 pounds are active too.

I took this little club size bass on a white wooly
bugger. I'm still fishing with my switch rod.
Earlier today Dennis & I tried to catch some
Jersey carp but there was too much wind and
the carp were not feeding. I was pleased to see
that my casts were able to reach the center of
the pond where the larger carp feed.

A day in the park would not be complete without
a few BGs


  1. Welcome back! I haven't had a chance to hit the park, but I know the crappie bite has to be on. Nice pics of pan fish and bass. And thanks for the encouragement. I caught my first few pan fish off my new fly rod and reel a few days ago. It was amazing watching the pan fish snatch the dry fly off the surface. Keep writing.

  2. let me know when you'll be fishing in Newark.