Thursday, April 21, 2011


I've been watching a pod of carp this week trying
to determine their feeding pattern. I've been chumming
the area to encourage them to eat, drink and be
happy in this part of the lake.

So far the weather has not helped me. The wind
and air temperature have helped to keep water
temperatures less than ideal for fish to actively
feed and take my flies.

But in a few weeks the mulberries will rule the
water ways. Carp will have to take advantage
of the opportunity to eat. In the meantime
I'm chumming and watching carp as they go about
the business of being difficult to catch, especially
with a fly and fly rod.

This week I have spent almost 10 hours
sitting, standing and crouching at the edge of the
lake here. I feel a little like a special forces
operator, wearing earth tones, water proof boots,
sunglasses and gathering intelligence about a
foreign enemy. In these cooler temperatures
carp don't exhibit many of their tell tale signs.

My new Adidas combat boots. The boot actually
worn by many SWAT teams. These shoes are
required if you intend to fish The Great Lakes
of NYC.

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  1. Bill,
    Great photos. Great blog. Lots of useful info here. Thanks so much,