Thursday, December 6, 2012

Almost finished

According to the forecast for today the temperature would reach sixty degrees.  I packed
up and headed for a lake in New Jersey.   The air was warm but as usual for this time of year
the water temperature was better suited for trout.

I met a new fly fisher on my way to the park.  He had not fished for carp with a fly rod before.
There were few signs that fish were feeding.  As the afternoon got later we could see carp swirling
in the shallow part of the lake.  But carp were not clooping or tailing on anything we threw at them.

Next week the forecast calls for a few more days with temperature in the fifties; perhaps I will get
one more big carp.


  1. Bill,

    We are cold now, I still have that one pond that at least won't freeze, good thing because small ones are starting to have a skiff of ice. That pond you show is good looking.


  2. This pond does freeze as most of the lakes in NYC. I was out this afternoon when temp reached 60F. saw some bubbles here and there but water is cold. If I get a chance I'll try for one more carp.