Thursday, December 20, 2012


Cleaning out my disk of old photos.  These fish were all caught three years ago in Prospect Park
The rod used is a fiberglass, 3 piece, 7 foot 6 inches, 3/4 weight fly rod.

Here is a Golden Shiner.  These fish have a very small mouth.  I normally use a size # 14 fly
when I fish for them in the fall.  The rod is an old Fenwick fiberglass.  If you do not own one
of these glass fly rods you should.

Crappie are one of my favorite fish.  The rod is a 4 piece Winston, 7 foot 6 inches 3 weight
with the ATP 37 graphite semi automatic fly reel.

I love it when this happens.  I fish a bead head nymph with a non BH nymph about 18 inches below it.
On a good afternoon I catch Bluegills two at a time.  Rod is a March Brown 9 foot, 7 piece, 2 weight.

Just to show that I am well rounded, here is a picture of a Brook Trout I caught in Rockville Center,
New York.  He took a bead head Copper John. 

A Large Crappie on my 9 foot, 2 weight

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