Sunday, September 1, 2013

Coopers Pond

Of all the places I have fished this season, Coopers Pond is the most scenic.  Maybe it
was the sunlight or my mood but this park is like looking at a picture post card.

There seemed to be a visual balance in the landscaping.  The colors, the trees everything
was pleasing to look at.

Everything here was at peace.  The ducks, the geese never got in the way of my fishing.

My pictures can not show what I saw in this park but I hope you have an impression of
what I saw.

This part of the park was fenced off and not open to the public but it reminded me of
a home you might see in New England.

I was able to get very close to this rabbit sitting out in the open.

But enough of my rambling ; let me tell you about what I saw in the pond.  As I walked the
shoreline, I saw some fish.   There were some small carp feeding right at the edge of the pond.
They were about 30mm long.

I chummed a quiet part of the pond  with some cracked corn and walked to another
part of the park.  I began to fish using nymph patterns.  On the east side of the pond
I caught a green sunfish.  I worked my way down the east side without another fish.

Returning to the area I had chummed earlier; I saw carp actively feeding.  But there were
turtles feeding too.  One of the dangers of chumming is attracting big turtles into the area.
I've noticed that carp will stay away from the chum if turtles are involved.  After rigging
for carp, I cast my fly in the area where a feeding frenzy was taking place.  Almost
immediately my light went tight.  My 6 weight rod was bent.  However, there was no
long run which is typical of carp.   It didn't take me long to realize I had foul hooked
one of the frenzied carp.  Fortunately, it broke free without snapping my tippet.

The turtles swarmed the area and become a nuisance.  Daylight was leaving the sky
so I packed my things and left.

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