Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cane for carp Fly Fishing

Three years ago I purchased a used cane fly rod on e-bay.  I wanted to use it to fish for carp.
I paid about $125.00 for the rod.  Since my investment was small, I was less cautious about
the care of the fly rod.  As a result one of the guides fell off.

I sent the rod out to be repaired.  A few days later I got a call from the repair shop.  They
wanted to know how much I paid for the rod.  I explained how much I paid .  The repairman
explained that my rod was worth a great deal more than what I paid.   So now I have a 3 piece
nine foot cane rod with a retail value of $800.00!  I am no longer willing to fish for anything with
this fly rod.

In an effort to protect my $800.00 trophy rod, I went back online to look for a less valuable
cane fly rod.  I won a 4 piece (2 tips) 9 foot cane fly rod.  This time I paid only $89.00

 The fly rod on the right is now worth $800.00 and the rod on the left is worth $89.00

But now I'm faced with the dilemma of fishing either rod because each rod appears to be in
mint condition.

The label is intact on the $89.00 rod

This rod appears to be like new.  The cork grip is soiled but that can be easily fixed.

Look at the ferrules and raps on this rod.

I've caught a few carp on this rod but that was before I knew it's true value.

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