Monday, October 28, 2013

Fiberglass Fly Rods

You are looking at a tournament legal, Bass fly rod.  This is the "Floater Bum" made for
the Japanese market by Fenwick   It is a six foot, ten inch long, 3 piece 7 wt  fiberglass fly rod.
Big bass flies, like the Dahlberg Diver, can be cast with ease.

Unfortunately, there is no hook holder; so I added one.  While it is a seven weight fly rod,
it is still fun to catch bluegill and other panfish with this rod.

Note the black rubber band like hook holder above the handle.

This rod I consider to be a steal.  I only paid twenty dollars for it.

It is a 3 piece, seven foot, six inch, 4/5 weight fiberglass fly rod.

For the money it is a great fly rod.  I remember taking this rod with me when I went to
to the Passaic River for carp.  It was Mulberry time and carp were feasting on berries
as they fell from the tree.  I fished a purple deer hair fly. 

There was a Northern Pike lurking in the background too.  Do pike like berries?

I plopped my fly near a feeding carp.  It sucked in the "berry" and made an 180 degree turn
in the river.  My rod began to turn with the fish.  In an effort to slow the carps acceleration,
I turned away from the fish.  The rod bowed  until it resembled the letter "C".

Fiberglass rods are almost indestructible.  I was not able to slow or turn the fish.
Once the carp reached an underwater obstruction, it was able to break me off.  But the rod

This is a fiberglass rod too.  I got this bargain on e-bay for less than $16.00, brand new!
The rod is just as sturdy as my other "glass" fly rods.   I like to use light weight fly rods and
this 3/4 weight seven foot, 6 inch three piece is ideal for the places I fish.

Rod makers will designate their rods with line weight recommendations but don't be afraid
to try lines that are a weight or two above or below the rod makers recommendation.
I like to fish my rods by "underlining" or "overlining" them. 

From left to right: The Floater Bum.  Green fly rod, Yellow fly rod.

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