Monday, October 21, 2013

Two weight fly rods - Ultra light fly fishing

I've had a love affair with short ultra light fly rods for years.  Most of the time, I fish in urban parks
where there is no wading.  There are trees, bushes, and fences everywhere;  so you adjust to the environment or die.

Short fly rods became my go to fly rod when I began to fly fish;  because they can be roll cast under most tree branches.

I got the AIRRITE Stream more than six years ago.  The less than two meter length
makes it ideal for me to catch bass, bluegills and other panfish in close quarters.  The rod is from Japan
and is made from fiberglass.

It is a slow flex rod and roll casts with ease.  Yes I have caught carp with this rod.

This is one of my favorite ultra light fly rods.  It is The March Brown, nine foot, seven piece
two weight.

Normally I will fish this rod with a 5X or 6X tippet and nothing larger than a # 10 fly.

I also own a six foot, two piece,  two weight cane fly rod and a five foot, two piece
St Croix Banty, fiberglass, two weight. If you have never used rods of two weight or less you
are missing a treat!  It takes  patience but  you can land really  large fish while using ultra light fly rods.
The more you do it the easier it gets.  Use a net to help with the landing of the fish.  There is no
need to play a fish to exhaustion.

Me wearing my leg brace as I recover from a torn quadriceps muscle.

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