Tuesday, December 17, 2013

cane fly rod & carp

Since the injury to my right leg, I have not been able to do much but I no longer need to wear a knee brace.

Climbing stairs and walking down stairs is still difficult.  I have reached the point where
I feel I can attempt to catch a carp or die trying.  So today I went to New Jersey to try and
chum up a few late November carp using my $89.00 cane fly rod.

Here it is leaning against a park bench.  It is a 9 foot, two tip, 3 piece rod.  I matched it with
the Ambush Triangle Taper fly line, 6 weight as this was all I had.

I wore several layers in order to be able to withstand the wind chill effect of November.
The air temperature was about 50F.  The water temperature was about 7 degrees colder!
I followed my usual chum pattern for lakes in my area.  Normally fish  will start to feed
as the sun begins to set

After more than two months of nothing but rehab, I was happy to be able to walk, stand and fish.
The sun was getting lower in the sky; the air temperature was going down too.  The water looked still
 and there was no sign of carp, or for that matter, any fish feeding.

I stood as long as I could enjoying the fall.  Today there would be no November carp
to add to my years total

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