Monday, December 30, 2013

The new JMC Ozone 36 semi automatic fly reel

The most popular article I've written is the one about semi automatic fly reels.  There is
an old saying which says: " Those who know don't say and those who say don't know".  I realize
 that I do not know everything there is about semi automatic fly reels but I want to.  So I've
 purchased a new reel to add to my collection of semi automatic fly reels.

Last season I fished all year with the Swiss made Peux Fulgor.  I plan to write my opinion about
the Fulgor in the next few weeks.  But today I'm reporting on the new, for 2014, JMC Ozone 36
 semi automatic fly reel.

The Ozone 36 is made in France and looks "cool!"  In fact it is the skeletonized design that makes one take
a second look at the reel.  Most of the semi automatic reels I own have an open front and a closed back.
So I am curious about how this reel was put together and how the drag (brake) works.  The reel should arrive from Europe in a short while.  

Weight 130g  Line- 3/6

Fly reel : Ozone 36 JMC.

Made of anodised aluminum billet, this anti-reverse semi-automatic reel offers outstanding qualities. It has a real brake system Teflon discs with micrometric adjustment. This allows the use of low peaks of particularly fine line without risk of breakage. Foot position on the cage of the reel has been optimized to provide maximum fishing comfort. The trigger system allows quick and neat recovery of line. The materials used to manufacture the reel Ozone make it a product that is both lightweight and highly reliable.

Width: 35 mm
Coil Width: 20 mm
Material: Aluminum
Finish: Black Anodized and champagne
Brake: Micrometer Teflon
Coil: Large arbor
Reversible: Right / left
Case: Carrying case

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