Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The first day of winter

We've had several days of warm weather so I loaded my pack, cane fly rod and headed for a lake in New Jersey.  It had been cold enough for ice to form on the lakes prior to this warm spell; with temperatures above 60F, most of this lake had no ice.

I got to the lake after 4:00 pm. There was almost no wind but the water was cold.

When fishing for carp, or any fish, it is important to know the feeding habits of the fish.  I know the
feeding patterns of the fish in this lake.  As the sun sets, the western end of this lake becomes a buffet
line for tailing carp.  The draw back for carp fishing after twilight is you can not see the mouth of the
carp.  I could not determine with certainty where the carp were feeding.


I blind cast for an hour (there were that many fish) the best I could do was foul hook one carp; before I decided to call it a day. I was fishing with the aid of park lights. 


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