Friday, December 20, 2013

The Last Stand

At the end of each fall I try to catch a few carp before the winter shut down.
This particular spot has given me some big and unusual carp the past two seasons.

There are usually several warm days when the air temperature is at or above 50F.
During this Indian Summer warm spell, fish are active and carp like to feed at the end of
the day.

I chummed this area for three days.  These photos were taken on the second day of
chumming.  After distributing my chum, I saw a ripple in the water.  I took a deep breath
to relax and make sure that I saw what I thought I saw.

I was right !  There was a carp clooping.  I could see the pink lips break the water surface
and sip something off the surface.   It wasn't a big fish, maybe 2 kilos.  The surface of the
lake was like glass.  So I expected to have a good day when I returned the next day with my
Fenwick Floater Bum ( 7 wt, 3piece, 6' 11" fiberglass fly rod).  The shorter rod works well
in this tree filled park.

When I returned the next afternoon, conditions had changed.   The lake surface was covered
with debris and drift wood.  It seems the direction of the wind had changed and caused
the cove to become a place for floating leaves and tree branches to rest in the water.

My dream of catching a carp in December was not to become true this year.

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