Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I managed to fish a small lake in New Jersey.  For some reason fish were not feeding in their normal
areas.  and they were not interested in chum either

Normally carp travel the length of this lake feeding and swimming but not this afternoon.
Old habits die hard and after 6:00pm, carp like to feed on the surface in the deep water.
Knowing that carp follow this pattern at this lake,allowed me to capitalize on this.

As 7:00pm approached I noticed activity on the surface.  I changed flies and tied on
a #10 Glo bug ; which i had soaked in floatant.  When I use these egg patterns I like to use
orange because I think carp like that color. The result was a carp on a fly!  This one fought for
 more than fifteen minutes.  I had to use some fancy foot work to tire the fish because all
I had was a Boca grip.  I lost another due to a poorly tied knot.

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