Sunday, June 22, 2014


Mulberries are in full effect at this tine of the year.  This tree's branches hang over Herrick Park pond,
near East Williston.  Mulberries are not only good to eat but carp LOVE them.  However,
there is no evidence that there are carp here.

A buddy told me of this small pond.  It has crappie and at least one small large mouth bass.

This is a catch and release pond only.  The shore line is littered with trash and "Big Gulp"
cups.  You can't see it in the pictures I took.

I started by fishing a #8 Green Weenie but these little ones couldn't hold on and would fall off
the hook as I reeled them in.  So I switched to the #10.  I caught almost a dozen of these
immature crappies using a #10 Green Weenie fly.  I tried a number of streamers, nymphs and
poppers. Nothing worked except the Green Weenie.

I caught this thumb size bass near a dock that over looks the pond.  I was surprised that
I caught nothing larger than what you see here.

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