Friday, June 13, 2014


Best Lake is in Watchung, New Jersey.  It is listed as a carp lake; so I took a trip to find out.

What I found was brown water and no evidence of carp.  There may be carp but I didn't see
anything but a rusted can which at some time in the past did hold corn.

The good news is that they are dredging a nearby lake and this lake will be gifted with those
fish soon.  I really like my TVK fly rod it is fast.  I'm using the  Peux Fulgor semi automatic
fly reel.  I expect to receive a new semi auto reel from Spain any day and I hope to finally get
the JMC Ozone next month.

There are bass and bluegills and fishing was slow during my visit.  It was a long walk from the
 Plainfield train station.  Five kilometers to and five back for a total of 10km!  My knee held up.

I always think of my mother when I see or smell Honey Suckels

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