Thursday, August 14, 2014

Passaic River at Paterson, New Jersey

Last time I visited Paterson, I walked the river bank near the Great Falls which is north
of where I visited today.

I wanted to check out the two parks that lie on the east and west side of the river.  There
is Westside Park on the west bank and newly reopened Pennington Park on the east side of the river.
The last time I fished the east side was a few years ago.

I just saw a carp jump up in the center of this picture.  In this part of the river, bass, pike and
carp are what I want to find.

Looking east on the Passaic River.  There is clear evidence that the river is experiencing
a drought; water levels and fish activity are less than normal.

Looking east about a kilometer north from Pennington Park.

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