Thursday, August 21, 2014

Passaic River at Radburn, New Jersey

You are looking at the Passaic River as it flows down from Paterson, New Jersey towards
the Dundee Dam.  There was a slight breeze on the water this afternoon but it was a pleasant
day to be on the water.

I was surprised at the water's clarity here.  I've only seen the muddy parts of this river.
Across the river on the west side large fish could be seen erupting from the river.

I was not as fortunate on the east side.  This is the part of the river where Northern Pike
are stocked.  I will need to fish the Passaic a few more times in order to locate places where
pike like to hold.

Look at how clear the Passaic is .  The water is  so clear that I could see the river bottom.

Looking south along the eastern shore line.

I saw no smallmouth bass, no pike and no carp.  Maybe I was on the wrong side or the wrong

I did hook one thumb size, large mouth bass. 

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