Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Passaic, New Jersey

This evening I returned to fishing Lakes again.  I'm not finished fishing the Passaic River for this year
but I wanted to catch a carp rather than explore new waters.  The urban lakes in New Jersey seem to offer
more opportunity for me to hook carp because I know most of these fisheries well.

Pictured holding the carp I caught this evening is " Tom the Terminator".  I call him this because he knows
everything I do not know about catching carp.  Tom catches more than 600 carp every year  He fishes every day unless there is ice on the lake.  If you stand close to him you can hear the theme for the Terminator movie.

I used the JMC Ozone semi automatic fly reel.  I was a anxious to fish with this new reel again because
the last carp I caught was difficult to land but that carp was 90mm long!  I had no need to add more drag for today's fish.  This carp probably weighed  less than 5 kilograms.

The bad news about this lake is that the city of Passaic plans to close it so that it can be dredged and made
about 3 meters deep.  Currently the lakes is about 120mm deep but it is outstanding for sight fishing for carp.

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